Cleaning Solution / Eye Drops ~
Multi-Purpose Solution

Product Name Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution (20% polyhexmethylene biguanide)
Feature : Moist all day
: Suitable for all type of soft contact lenses
Function : Cleans
: Disinfects
: Removes Protein
: Rinses
: Stores
: Wetting
Directions 1) Cleaning:
Rub each side of lens thoroughly for 10 seconds.

2) Rinsing:
Rinse off any debris present with fresh solution.

3) Disinfection & Storing:
Place the lens in the lens case and fill with fresh Blincon ® Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution. Minimum 4-hour soaking is recommended, or soaking overnight.
Capacity 360 ml
100 ml
Replacement Date 30 days after opening